When looking at the literature list of the WHO-Papers «Standards for the sexual education in Europe», someone such as a mother may become anxious and fearful. Why are pedophile-friendly authors such as Sandfort, Haeberle or Bornemann mentioned in those papers? What are they looking for in the education of children?

Have people deceptively posing as child-friendly already infiltrated the science of child education?

Ultimately, is it not about pedo-education rather than child education?

In the past, what did the self-confessed German pedophile professor Helmut Kentler and his protagonists recommend concerning the education of children?

Today, what do WHO experts recommend about educating children in daycare centres kindergarten, and schools?

The answers are shown in the chart below:

In the past – Kentler and his protagonists                     Today – WHO experts

To masturbate throughout early childhood 0-9 years: pleasure and lust, to touch his/her own body, early childhood masturbation
To approve and support sexual play at school age
0-6 years: to express his/her own needs, whishes, boundaries. For example, to experience lust and to discover his/her own private parts when having «doctor plays»
To educate young people about perverse sexual methods 4-6 years: to accept homosexuality and other sexual practices (group sex) as different norms of sexuality, and not to condemn and devalue these practices
To have sexual intercourse as soon as one reaches his/her sexual maturity. Educators should teach them about how to practise the sexual act 6-9 years: to have sexual intercourse, sex in the media

People from WHO regional office for Europe and the National Head Office for Sexual Health Education (Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (BZgA)), located in Germany, worked out the «Standard for the sex education in Europe». They showed which knowledge children and young people should acquire and which values should be supported. All representatives of the European WHO member states are required to apply this «Standard for Sex Education in Europe» in their own country.

„When injustice becomes justice, resistance becomes a duty.“ Berthold Brecht

„what you see is what you get“


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